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Woodcreek High School

Athletic Clearances

Three Important things before starting the process:

  1. ALL ATHLETES MUST BE CLEAR OF ALL FEES and FINES. Log into Homelink to see if your student has fees/fines. This will automatically stop your clearance process for athletics or club athletics.

  2. Your student's six digit Woodcreek HS student ID number (starts with the number 6, not 4) - you may log into your Homelink account to obtain this number. We are unable to provide you this over the phone.

  3. You must have a COMPLETED physical and medical history page BEFORE starting the athletic clearance. These two documents will need to uploaded as one document. Simply take a picture of both, side by side and upload as one. The system will not accept two documents.

New physicals must be submitted for the each new school year.

If you are submitting your student's athletic paperwork from May 16th - May 31st, or during any school break (Thanksgiving, Winter, Spring, etc) the turn around for approval or denial for all sports and club sports will not take the normal 72 hours. Athletic submissions during this time will be processed after June 4th through June 13th.

Attention incoming freshmen...Please visit this website after June 1st to register for athletics at Woodcreek HS.

To get your athlete cleared to play at Woodcreek High School we require the following items be complete:

  1. Student is a current Woodcreek HS student
  2. Student is clear of all Fees/Fines
  3. Parent information
  4. Student information (student ID must be obtained from logging in on Homelink)
  5. Read student athlete handbook
  6. Physician evaluation (Download and Print the form in the Student Information section and take to your Physician) Attach to student's account
  7. Pre-participation Medical Screening-Medical History form - attached to student's account
  8. If you are coming to Woodcreek High School from a different high school you must come in and see the Assistant Principal over Athletics to obtain CIF paperwork in order to be cleared for any CIF sponsored sport at Woodcreek High School.

Without completing all the information, your athlete will not play.

To get started, click the link below